Sealers for Cold porcelain clay art

LogoColorTextBelow (200x200)We always get the question “which sealer should we use for our clay”. There are many different sealers out there to choose from and many work great while others aren’t that great.  Here are a few tips to use when choosing a sealer for your crafting needs.

  •  First make sure your sealer doesn’t yellow and fade over time.  Some brands of sealers and glosses yellow over time. I’ve found that the sculpey sealer yellows and gets sticky over time. I’m not sure why that is but it has happened several time. If you do like this particular sealer you must make sure to use a very think coat for better results.
  • Some sealers can get cloudy- For some reason there are sealers out there that gets cloudy when used. To avoid this from happening it’s best to use a thin coat especially if the sealer or gloss is very thick. Apply a very thin amount and then dry. Then you can apply additional coats in between. Make sure each coat is fully dried before adding a second or third coat.
  • Use water based sealers- water based sealers  are water proof. Why that is? i’m not sure exactly but that is that case. If you are looking for a water proof sealer check the ingredients to see if the sealer is water based. These water based sealers work great and last a very long time. They are usually thin and watery in consistency so you can and should add multiply coats to have your item protected and water proofed.
  • Use a brush instead of spraying on- if you have a spray can sealer or bottle it’s best to spray the substance on a brush and brush it on to make sure you have an even coat. Spraying a sealer on tends to make the coats drip and coat unevenly. To seal most of your items it’s best to use a brush and apply multiply coats letting them dry in between..
  • The two types of sealers we use often in our studio is Beacon & triple thick. Triple think however is VERY THICK and you must know how to use it properly for it to work well on your creations.  Another good brand is Americana. There are lots of other brands out there but these are the ones that we use the most. Also some people use floor polish for sealing. Floor polish works well however keep in mind that floor polish isn’t usually non toxic but if you don’t mind it works well. Just make sure to use in an open airy place and use gloves. I hope this was helpful to you and please visit our Etsy store or Ebay store to check out our Stacie Laurell Crafts clay products. To find us you can google our name Stacie Laurell Crafts 🙂  click here for etsy shop

Happy crafting

Stacie Laurell Crafts


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