10 Reasons People Love Cold Porcelain Clay over Polymer Clay

10 Reasons People Love Cold Porcelain Clay over Polymer Clay

  1. Cold Porcelain Clay is Soft– Cold Porcelain has a softer & more pliable texture than polymer clay, making it easier to condition and roll with clay roller.
  2. Cold Porcelain Air Dries    Unlike polymer clay, cold porcelain clay does not require baking because it air dries.  You won’t have to worry about accidentally burning your clay in the oven because you don’t need one.  (please note: Cold porcelain clay should not be baked however, Stacie Laurell’s Stone Porcelain Clay can be baked as well as air dry)
  3. Flaws and imperfections can be fixed with cold porcelain clay  Polymer clay can not be altered much after it has been baked.  So if you make a mistake you’re pretty much stuck with it.  However, cold porcelain clay can be altered or fixed after it has been  dried/cured.  Prior to adding a sealer you can sand, varnish or wet the blemished area and sculpt over it.  Making corrections are possible with cold porcelain clay but not with polymer clay.
  4. Cold Porcelain Clay Is Non-toxic- You won’t have to worry about any toxic fumes with cold porcelain because it is made with natural ingredients.  Polymer clay however, releases fumes when over baked.  none of the makers of polymer clay will either confirm nor deny the claims that polymer clay may be toxic under certain circumstances. However non has claimed to be non toxic either.
  5. Cold Porcelain can be stretched to thin pieces but polymer clay cannot–  Most artist love cold porcelain and uses it specifically for this added benefit.  They make artificial flowers by stretching the clay into thin pieces allowing them to make delicate and beautiful life like petals.
  6. Cold Porcelain texture can be changed- If you want your clay to be firm, you can place your packaged clay or air tight container of clay in the fridge and if you want it to be soft you can place your sealed clay package in a bowl of hot tap water and the clay will immediately soften.  
  7. Used by many professional clay artist- Cold porcelain clay originated in Argentina and is a very popular and expensive clay overseas.  This clay is gaining popularity and is being used more by many sculpting artist.
  8. Cold Porcelain can be manipulated   This clay can be manipulated to look like glass, marble, porcelain, ceramic and other mediums. Because of it’s special blend of ingredients it has a leg up over polymer clay.
  9. Clay can be painted – Cold porcelain can be painted. Because of polymer clay’s plastic like properties, it isn’t as beautiful as cold porcelain when painted.  This clay can be painted, varnished, sanded & more!
  10. Stacie Laurell’s Cold Porcelain Clay can be frozen for longer shelf life.  You can place our specially made clay in your fridge or freezer and preserve it for a very long time.  When ready to use just thaw out your clay in warm tap water and condition your clay with our specially formulated clay conditioning lotion and your clay will be back to it’s original state ( please note: Do not place clay directly in water. Always make sure that it is wrapped or sealed in it’s original package or sealed in a ziplock bag or air tight container before submerging in water).
This can only be done with Stacie Laurell Cold Porcelain Clay  http://stores.ebay.com/Stacie-Laurell-crafts