Default Rates on Student Debt Rise Sharply

what i’m going through.. smh

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It may be shocking that many people who took out student loans cannot pay them, until the full circumstances of the situation are explained. And these circumstances demonstrate why the system to make the loans was based on crazy assumptions in the first place.

The Education Department and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau have put out a report that covers the private college loan system and how it has created a large number of loans that can never be paid back.

Among the points the report makes are:

American consumers owe more than $150 billion in outstanding private student loan debt.


Cumulative defaults on private student loans exceed $8 billion, and represent over 850,000 distinct loans.


In 2009, the unemployment rate for private student loan borrowers who started school in the 2003 – 2004 academic year was 16%. Ten percent of recent graduates of four-year colleges have monthly payments…

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Turquoise nugget beads by Stacie Laurell


These are Handmade turquoise nugget beads. It was a long process to make these beads.  My sister asked me why are my prices so low on my website because i put so much time and effort into making one bead? I guess i felt like people wouldn’t buy my stuff. I don’t know why because i know my work is gorgeous and worth much but I guess i didn’t want to scare people off.

These beads were made from my air dry craft clay sold in my store. I had to then color it using precise measurements of coloring gel then the beads were dried in a machine, hand designed with an 18 kt gold leafing pen and then sealed with a special gloss sealer to seal the beads and give it a glass like appearance.
I am in the process of trying to figure out new techniques when working with air dry clay. i’m not sure if I should put tutorials up here for new techniques i’ve learned. There is a lady who i’ve heard of that writes book tutorials of how she discovered new techniques when working with clay. she even has her own line of products that’s sold in Michael’s.  I would love for that to be me one day…. well i guess i will have to wait and see.


Five little Gems On Etsy

Ever went cruising on Etsy only to come across a shop that takes your breath away? Well I have 🙂 Five Little Gems on Etsy sells the most gorgeous pieces of Jewelry. They are unique as well as beautiful and definitely will add a little pop to your wardrobe… take a look at a few pieces..

Beaded Necklace Faceted Drops Jewel Tones Tassle Necklace Glass Bead Jewelry Honey Peridot Amethyst Teardrop Cluster Pendant in Gold

CIJ Sale Coral Dagger Multistrand Statement Necklace Chunky Jewelry Salmon Pink Spikes in Gold Summer Jewelry ChristmasinJuly

CIJ Sale Bridesmaid Earrings Purple Pearl Teal Faceted Glass Beaded Earrings in Gold Peacock Wedding Jewelry ChristmasinJuly

CIJ Sale Lampwork Earrings Dark Purple Glass Bead Dangles Beaded Jewelry Violet Swirls Purple Earrings in Gold ChristmasinJuly

CIJ Sale Beaded Necklace Wire Twisted Jewelry Pink and Purple Flower Necklace in Silver Bridal Jewelry Wedding Necklace ChristmasinJuly

I would show you more but you’ve got to go see for yourself 🙂 to view more visit

Limestone made with Cold Porcelain air dry clay

I have been inspired by other artist who sell their how to books in Michael’s. I often dreamed that one day that might be me 🙂 Until then i’ve been experimenting with cold porcelain clay othewise know as air dry craft clay. I want to learn how to manipulate it as much I would with polymer clay. Since i’ve stopped using polymer clay and fell in love with cold porcelain clay I’ve been experimenting to find out what can be done with air dry clay and how far i can go in terms of manipulating the clay to imitate gemstones. Well I first told you about marbling which turned out really nice and was stumbled upon by accident but now I think i’ve learned how to make faux limestone beads with cold porcelain clay. check out a few pics. I designed the beads with 18kt liquid gold. 🙂


you like? 🙂 I know I do.. i can’t wait to try other colors.


My latest beads creation

So today i got to straight to work on my beads!. I’ve decided to get up early as if i’m going to work as this is my home business that i want to be successful so why not play the part until it is successful.

I did a few random  designs here and there and i’m really satisfied with it. Here are a few of what i made today.

Heart cabochon beads




Gold tip teardrop beads










I’ve made sooo much more than this but can’t upload them all. I hope you love my creations i know i do 🙂