Stacie Laurell Crafts to Launch new craft products for children with Autism

20140626_090550Stacie Laurell Crafts has come up with a new mission and purpose for our clay crafts. Coming soon we will be offering therapy clay kits for children with autism.  Clay and craft projects has been used in therapy such as occupational therapy and ABA for children with poor gross motor skills and other delays.  As an in home nanny for years and someone who has worked extensively with children with autism and other delays I have used Stacie Laurell Crafts clay with children and have seen remarkable results. Although I’ve always had a love to work with children, the desire to help children with special needs grew stronger when it finally hit close too close to home. When my nephew turned 15 months I already knew something was wrong.  All the signs that I had learned through school and professional experience were there.  Although my nephew is high functioning, he still needs  some therapy and services, and believe me services like occupational therapy and ABA can be very expensive!!! In fact many families simply can’t afford it.  Stacie Laurell Crafts wants to help. We are developing a Stacie Laurell Crafts Therapy Kit for children with autism and other delays.

It has been proven that arts n crafts designed specifically for Autistic children is a great form of therapy.  It is relaxing, soothing, therapeutic, encourages creativity & imagination as well as drastically improves fine gross motor skills. Although we will still sell our clay to the general public like artist, students, and everyday people we are in the process of providing art therapy products to children and families affected by autism.  We thank you for supporting Stacie Laurell Crafts thus far and look forward to helping children with autism.

Thank You

Stacie Laurell Crafts


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