Alexis Arnold’s Crystallized Books



American artist Alexis Arnold grows crystals on books to create stunning effects. She uses laundry detergent to create the crystals which appear after the books are soaked in hot water and left to dry. When selecting objects to crystallize  she was mostly concerned with objects that had lost their function or place, and printed books were fitting into this category more and more. Ms Arnold said she decided to start crystallizing books and the following day came across eight boxes of wonderful, old books on the side of the road. The reaction to her work and the interpretations vary but often the growth of the crystals symbolizes growth through childhood as many of the works are children’s fiction.

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Glass Makes My Soul Visible…

I love Art!


I have been thinking about this.  My whole psyche has made a sideways leap which has changed the way I view everything – in a good way! 2013-08-10 10.48.382013-08-13 10.50.412013-08-16 11.09.41

During my time on this planet, I have travelled many paths and achieved lots of diverse goals…I have taught, ran a music pub, been a scientist, ran one of a chain of stores and now I am a glass artist.  I have been searching for that ultimate place within myself – not a job but a place where work and life, me and what I do, come together as an expression of who I am.  I won’t call it ‘finding myself’ because we are all constantly evolving as we experience new things and incorporate those new things into our mind and settle them in amongst our existing memories and experiences, causing a slight shift in how we view and react and think.

2013-08-16 11.09.202013-08-16 11.08.442013-08-21 11.53.25


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Stacie Laurell new mini modeling tools

We just introduced our new handmade modeling & sculpting tool. It’s our mini series. Great handheld mini tool for all your clay and art projects. Take a lookImage


The grooves and dips created in the handle is for ultimate grip and comfort! Fits perfect in your hands. The flat head is great for detailing your work as well as smoothing out flaws.

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