What’s so great about cold porcelain clay!?

PicMonkey Collage2I love polymer clay and i love cold porcelain clay. At first i was using only polymer clay then i started using cold porcelain then I started using both until I started to only use cold porcelain. Now if you speak with polymer clay lovers they will go crazy if you say cold porcelain is better than polymer clay. I can’t blame them for being so passionate about polymer clay. I mean it’s great you can mold it sculpt it bake it and then there you have it, a great new creation made by you.  But there are some draw backs to polymer clay. For example if you do not knead the clay properly your creations can break and crumble once it has been baked or “cured”.  Also some polymer clay brands get very stiff and hard over time making it very hard to soften and make pliable. I’ve had a few customers say that they stopped using polymer clay and switched to cold porcelain because polymer clay wasn’t good for their arthritis.  I have googled some ways to possibly soften polymer clay like heating it for a few seconds in the microwave or dipping it in boiling water but those methods didn’t work that well.  Another drawback to polymer clay is that if it burns in the oven the smell can be horrible and the burning to your eyes and throat can be a bit hellish.  Nevertheless there are people who just adore polymer clay and I must admit I still have a love for it too.

Now for Cold porcelain clay- Although cp clay has been gaining popularity many people still don’t know about this type of clay. Cold Porcelain clay is an air drying sculpting clay. So you don’t have to bake it to cure it you just let it air dry. When dried it has a smooth porcelain look to it. Once I had a customer purchase our clay and then demanded a refund because she said this isn’t porcelain clay because i tried to bake it and it didn’t turn into porcelain. Although a bit frustrated that she didn’t know that this was not actual porcelain I tried to explain to her that the reason why it is called cold porcelain is because of how it looks when dried and that it’s not actual porcelain. Anyways, Cold porcelain clay is also different from other air dry clay. Other air drying clay aren’t as durable. Some dries into a hard foam like material and some dry in a ceramic type material that is fragile but cold porcelain dries rock hard and so lots of sculpting artist and professionals prefer to use this type of clay.

For those who love both polymer clay and cold porcelain please not that our brand of cold porcelain clay can be mixed with polymer clay and baked! Because of our special formula our clay has the advantage over other cold porcelain clay on the market. I hope this was informative to you and if you want to check out our clay you can find Stacie Laurell Crafts on Etsy and Ebay

Thank you

Stacie Laurell Crafts


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