Having Ourselves a Very (Decorated) Merry Christmas

I just LOVE Christmas! 🙂



Hello there! I’m taking a break from my salted-caramel-eating, ugly-christmas-sweater-making, carol-singing, old-school-christmas-movie-watching, gift-wrapping week to stop in and share our Christmas decorations! The late-Thanksgiving threw me a bit this year, and I am behind on my gift shopping. 😐 Normally I have everything in-order a few weeks in advance, but not this year.

This is always a joyous,  but slightly harried time of year, and there’s nothing I love more than ending a long day in front of the glowing tree lights with a cup of tea.

We cut down our own tree again this year. Meaning my husband chopped, and I gathered branches for the mantle and cheered “timber!”. designlivelychristmasdecor2The bunting is just burlap triangles I drew on with sharpie and loop-stitched together.

This year we hung exterior wreaths on all the windows. I love it! It’s nice to have decorations outside during the day (when the lights can’t…

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DIY: Bejeweled Holiday Clutch

M&J Blog

New Year’s Eve is the time for glitz and glam, and this year we’re pulling out all of the stops with a DIY accessory that’s sure to garner some attention. We’re making a bejeweled golden Holiday Clutch that’s perfect for that VIP New Year’s Eve party!

Bejeweled Holiday Clutch from M&J Trimming

What You’ll Need:

Antiqued 12mm X 10mm Rectangle With Setting

Antiqued 10MM X 6MM Pear With Setting

10mm X 5mm Navette Rhinestone with Setting 

10mm X 6mm Pear Rhinestone with Setting

10mm X 8mm Swarovski Crystal Oval Rhinestone with Setting

8mm X 6mm Oval Rhinestone with Setting

2” Large Rhinestone Leaf Trim


Glue Applicator Syringe



Cutting Rhinestone Trim M&J Trimming

1. Cut three sets of two leaves and one circle out of the rhinestone trim.

Bejeweled Holiday Clutch from M&J Trimming

2. Glue down each set so that they are mirroring each other. TIP: Use the applicator syringe so the glue does not get messy.

Bejeweled Holiday Clutch Sew-Ons from M&J Trimming

3. Create a colorful pattern with your sew-ons. Make…

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Polymer Clay Mold

Polymer Clay Mold

Stacie Laurell Handmade Professional mold for polymer clay non flexible 
New Stacie Laurell molds Handmade with non toxic clay!
great for cabochons, pendants, brooches, cake toppers designs & more!
size: 2mm LxW mold
Seashell pendant mold with details.


Return Policy

SATISFACTION GUARANTEED– Our clay is the best and if you’re not satisfied just return the item in its original packaging within 7 days of receiving your purchase and a full refund will be granted to you. Buyer pays for return shipping. Also must notify Stacie Laurell by email first if you wish to have a refund.



USPS shipping first class mail will be used for a fee of  2.00

International shipping: All international bidders are welcomed and calculated shipping will be used for such orders.


This is the best air dry clay around. Look out for our next product Stacie Laurell Liquid cold porcelain.

Contact us

Our feedback is important to us as well as your satisfaction. If you have any issues questions or concerns please contact us by clicking the contact seller link in the listing and we will do our best to help rectify the problem.


Thank You


Stacie Laurell 




How to use Clay Conditioning Lotion For Cold Porcelain Clay

ImageStacie Laurell launched a new product called Clay Conditioning Lotion. This lotion is a necessity for clay artists or anyone working with this special type of clay. First I’ll tell you a little more about Cold Porcelain Clay. 
What is air dry cold porcelain? 
Cold Porcelain clay is a special type of clay that many artist around the world use. It is not your average Fimo or Premo clay nor is it play dough or kids craft clay. 
Cold Porcelain is a smooth modeling clay and looks like porcelain when dried. It is not plastic-like as clays like Fimo and Premo that are bought in the stores. Instead, this clay can be manipulated to look like almost any medium such as glass, porcelain China, marble, Pearls, ceramics and more. This particular clay recipe is listed all over the internet and is usually made with regular house hold items, such as cornstarch, water & mineral oil. Although the recipe may seem easy many people have trouble making this clay or mastering the right formula. 

  This clay primarily originated in Argentina and is very popular over there. In fact, it is also becoming rapidly popular in the United States as well. Some are abandoning their love for oven baked polymer clay and flocking towards cold porcelain clay.  One great benefit of porcelain clay is it’s ability to stretch into very thin pieces, allowing artist to make such things as delicate flowers and bouquets that looks life like but last forever. Although it can be stretched to amazing capacity, when dried, the stretched piece is very strong and durable and doesn’t break or tear easily. Some people have tried to sell other clay and market it as cold porcelain clay but it is not. Cold porcelain clay properties are distinctive and if you pay attention to the abilities of this clay, you can compare and see if you’ve purchased real cold porcelain verses the imitation.  Stacie Laurell’s Cold Porcelain clay is made with a special recipe. Our clay’s consistency can be changed or altered by you. If you encourage your clay to be more firm or you can make it as soft or fluid as you would like with our special Clay Conditioning Lotion.  

Our lotion can help with several things such as:

  • Conditioning and softening your clay
  • changing the texture of your clay
  • restore moisture to clay that is old and may be starting to dry out
  • can restore clay back to original state after clay has been frozen or placed in the fridge
  • Help keeps your clay moist and from drying out while working with it
  • help condition your clay to prevent cracks in your finished pieces
  • helps to correct flaws and cracks in finished pieces. 
  • extends the shelf life of air dry clay
If you are a clay artist or just love working with cold porcelain but sure to stop by our store and pick up a bottle of our clay conditioning lotion 🙂  http://www.ebay.com/itm/Clay-conditioning-Lotion-Stacie-Laurell-/130977065566?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item1e7ed76a5e

Stacie Laurell 🙂


Polymer Clay Flower Cameo Mold

Polymer Clay Flower Cameo Mold

Stacie Laurell Handmade Flower cameo non flexible professional mold for polymer clay craft!

New Stacie Laurell molds Handmade with non toxic clay!
great for cabochons, pendants, brooches, cake toppers designs & more!

size: btw 5-6 cm 1-2inches nice size mold
Nice Flower cameo mold with details.

NEW Organic Oven Bake Polymer Clay By Stacie Laurell

NEW Organic Oven Bake Polymer Clay By Stacie Laurell

Stacie Laurell Crafts have launched a new product called Organic Polymer Clay! it’s the only Polymer Clay that can be baked and Air dried. Here are a few facts about Organic Polymer Clay!
Organic Polymer Clay is Polymer clay that can be baked in an oven and air dried.
You can bake it in your oven or toaster oven and a separate toaster oven isn’t needed.
There are not dangerous or cancerous chemicals added to our organic polymer clay.
You won’t have to worry about harsh fumes being released while baking as you would with sculpey, premo and fimo as our clay is made with natural ingredients.
can be sanded and varnished when finished
This clay can also be painted
you can add embelishments, rhinestones and other mediums to clay
dries to a hard durable finish
Can be use for professional use as well as play
Colors can be blended together
Comes in a variety of colors
can be baked at 195 degrees for 30 mins to 1hr
Can be used to make pottery, jewelry, scrapbooking details, miniatures, dolls, caketoppers and more!
Safe and non toxic
To try our new Polymer Clay you can visit our store and purchase some! http://www.ebay.com/itm/Organic-Polymer-Clay-non-toxic-oven-bake-Clay-Polymer-clay-lot-5pcs-1-9-ounce-/141141729248?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item20dcb3dfe0

Thank You
Stacie Laurell Crafts