Introducing NEW! Stone Porcelain

Introducing NEW! Stone Porcelain

Stacie Laurell now has stone porcelain clay! clay that looks like stone when dried. and not only does this clay air dry it can be baked too!! that’s right! Stacie Laurell stone porcelain clay can be baked! the only versatile air dry/bake clay. it dries to a durable and gorgeous stone like finish!

Stacie Laurell


Is Cold porcelain clay hard to make?







Many people have said that if you want air dry clay just use your household ingredients because cold porcelain clay is easy to make. That isn’t entirely true. Granted when I first made my first batch of cold porcelain clay I got it right on the first try. But that isn’t the case for everyone. Some say when they make their cold porcelain clay it’s too stick or too hard. Making the best cold porcelain clay requires having a great formula and sticking to it.  If i do make a mistake with my cold porcelain clay, I know how to fix it. Here is a free tip for all of you porcelain clay lover and makers. If you over cook the clay you can save it by adding elmers glue. use enough to get the clay back to a mushy like state and then recook it again until it’s the desired consistency you want! hope that was helpful!


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Faux gemstone made with Cold porcelain air dry clay


This blue sparkly faux gemstone was made with Stacie Laurell cold porcelain clay! I love working with this clay and coming up with different ways of working with it as well as manipulating it.  The possibilities are endless with cold porcelain clay! There are so many techniques and tricks than can be done with this clay to create the look you want. You can make anything from jewelry beads to gemstones and cabochons and more!


Stacie Laurell

Does cold porcelain clay melt in water and or heat?

IMG_3312Many people have said that cold porcelain clay melts in extreme heat and water.  This is not entirely true.  If you seal your finished pieces with a sealer your work will be well protected. Varnish sealers are inexpensive and easy to find at your local arts n crafts store or online.  Once I left a charm I made with cold porcelain clay in my car on an extremely hot day. When I returned it was still as I left it. in perfect condition and not melted.  I didn’t even seal it with a sealer that day.  To go a bit further with my experiment, I dropped a bead I made in a tall glass of water and let it sit for half  hr.  Well the waterproof sealer held up to its name and my bead was still in tact.  So if people make it seem that cold porcelain clay is extremely fragile that is untrue in my opinion.  This is a great clay that I find is so much easier to work with than polymer clay.  It’s so incredibly smooth, durable, pliable, holds fine detail extremely well and is very versatile.  My mission is to try to do many techniques with cold porcelain clay that has also been achieved with polymer clay. For all you polymer clay lovers, Make way for the fast rising star, Cold porcelain clay! Happy crafting!!


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Epic four-tiered launch cake

Straight Talking Vegetables


I’ve been a little off my blogging game over the last couple of months. I put it down to having to juggle writing a thesis with other projects – “other projects” like making a giant fish piñata and cake for the launch of new comedy e-book anthology The Sturgeon General at 107 Projects. Of course I’ve also just been watching a lot of Gilmore Girls and going to Gatsby themed parties at The Victoria Room.

IMG_9648IMG_9641 But back to the cake, because that’s what we’re all here for. A couple of weeks ago now I went through the process of baking and freezing four tiers of cake in three different flavours, so that on launch day I could ice together a layered monstrosity that had launch guests boggling at its height (not so much girth, it was pretty much regular cake-girth). IMG_9651The frosting was this one here. Which is a…

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