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This shop owner makes gorgeous pieces that I know you’ll love!! to check out more of her stuff visit



She makes gorgeous pieces. To view more of her work visit


our “lucky” bobby pins

Circus Berry

It has been a while since I have crafted any hair pretties for my daughter, so I whipped up these little clovers the other day. And when I say whipped, I mean I cut out some felt, made a four leaf clover, thought I liked it, cut out lots more, started to assemble, hated them, and started all over (3 times) until I finally got the finished product I envisioned. I am sharing the finished product with you.


Once I got to this spot, they were really fast and easy, I swear!

You will need Green felt (not a lot, unless you are going to hate your finished product then restart like I did), hot glue, and bobby pins. And rhinestone pretties if you so desire.


Cut your felt into small circles, about 1 1/2 to 2 inches. I did not use a template, just cut away.


Make little slits…

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Stacie laurell back in business

so I closed my store a few months ago but recently decided that I wanted to reopen! i guess you can say i gave up too easy but now i’m back and I didn’t realize how much i MISSED my store and making my crafts! it is the greatest feeling in the world. I really hope the business takes off this time and i’m pretty hopeful that it will 🙂IMG_5085