Stacie Laurell Cold Porcelain Clay set 17 pcs great price

Stacie Laurell Cold Porcelain Clay set 17 pcs great price

Colors are a mix random lot of Red, blue, turquoise, yellow, white, orange, purple pink etc

( if you want special colors or to change them you can request a color change during checkout)

Stacie Laurell air dry cold porcelain polymer clay


  • Smooth
  • Pliable
  • Holds fine details well
  • Dries to a durable hard finish
  • Easy to condition
  • Easy to mold and sculpt
  • Colors blend beautifully and effortlessly together
  • Does not dry out rapidly while working with it
  • Comes in a variety of colors and variations
  • Clay can be stretched to make very thin pieces such as flower petals, leaves etc
  • Does not flake or crumble
  • Does not require baking
  • Finished pieces can be sanded and varnished
  • Nontoxic modelling clay
  • Can be used for a variety of crafts and projects such as jewelry, pottery, molding & sculpting art, cake toppers, baby doll sculpting, charms, beads, scrapbooking, doll miniatures and more!
  • The possibilities are endless with our clay

This is the best clay around. You will love the way this clay feels in your hands and will be impressed with how well it can be shaped and molded.

 Directions: When you open your clay and remove it from it’s packaging you must condition your clay in your hands. Sometimes when the clay has been still for a while it becomes firm. In order to soften your clay you must condition it the same as you would do with Fimo or Premo polymer clay.  Doing so will increase elasticity and make your clay more pliable. It is recommended to condition your clay before working with it. Also Please store any unused portion of your clay in a zip lock bag or air tight container.   


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