Is Cold porcelain clay hard to make?







Many people have said that if you want air dry clay just use your household ingredients because cold porcelain clay is easy to make. That isn’t entirely true. Granted when I first made my first batch of cold porcelain clay I got it right on the first try. But that isn’t the case for everyone. Some say when they make their cold porcelain clay it’s too stick or too hard. Making the best cold porcelain clay requires having a great formula and sticking to it.  If i do make a mistake with my cold porcelain clay, I know how to fix it. Here is a free tip for all of you porcelain clay lover and makers. If you over cook the clay you can save it by adding elmers glue. use enough to get the clay back to a mushy like state and then recook it again until it’s the desired consistency you want! hope that was helpful!


Stacie Laurell



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