Turquoise nugget beads by Stacie Laurell


These are Handmade turquoise nugget beads. It was a long process to make these beads.  My sister asked me why are my prices so low on my website http://www.etsy.com/shop/STACIELAURELL?ref=si_shop because i put so much time and effort into making one bead? I guess i felt like people wouldn’t buy my stuff. I don’t know why because i know my work is gorgeous and worth much but I guess i didn’t want to scare people off.

These beads were made from my air dry craft clay sold in my store. I had to then color it using precise measurements of coloring gel then the beads were dried in a machine, hand designed with an 18 kt gold leafing pen and then sealed with a special gloss sealer to seal the beads and give it a glass like appearance.
I am in the process of trying to figure out new techniques when working with air dry clay. i’m not sure if I should put tutorials up here for new techniques i’ve learned. There is a lady who i’ve heard of that writes book tutorials of how she discovered new techniques when working with clay. she even has her own line of products that’s sold in Michael’s.  I would love for that to be me one day…. well i guess i will have to wait and see.



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