Tutorial : Animal Cakes

wow! that’s some talent

Craft Candies

Hi hi,,

Someone has requests a tutorial for my Animal Cakes I made a while back, and looking back at my posts I was surprised I hadn’t posted it yet..

So I know it’s been a while, but here it is !

(I’ve only made one for the Bunny and Elephant because I thought my Tiger one was ugly..)

Animal Cakes






  • Yellow Clay
  • Pink Clay
  • Brow Clay
  • White Clay
  • TLS (optional)
  • Pastels (optional)
  • Black clay (optional)

All those optional ones are for adding the face details. You can either make them from TLS + Pastel or make them from clay

Making the layers

  • Roll out all your colors and with the base (in my case, brown) cut / shape it into a circle
  • Do the same for the pink
  • Place the Brown on top of the pink and use the brown as the template for trimming the edges
  • When you trim…

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