Polymer Clay vs Cold Porcelain Clay

Polymer clay is a very popular oven baked clay. Almost every artisan uses polymer clay in their creation. I too use to use a lot of polymer clay when making jewelry. In fact I was always at Michael’s arts n crafts picking up polymer clay in a variety of colors. Although the polymer clay bars were going for 2.45 a piece, it began to add up and my pockets were getting large holes in them. I thought to myself I wish i can make my own darn clay. I hit up Google and found “cold porcelain clay”. This type of clay doesn’t require baking and air dries within 24 hrs. I’ve never heard of it before but wanted to give it a try. I found out that cold porcelain clay isn’t sold in the U.S in the masses and people who were selling it online were selling it at ridiculous prices.  So i decided to make it myself and it came out perfect on the first try! So I started make more and more of this great cold porcelain clay. Then I decided to sell it in my Store on Etsy and it has been a hit ever since.

Now that i’ve started making my own clay I realized that it’s ALL I USE. I’ve stopped using polymer clay. Not many people can master the art of making the clay even though it’s made with simple household ingredients. But i’m pretty certain that if many people knew about cp clay and made it themselves they would use it more than polymer clay. Here’s why i think Cold porcelain clay is better

  • You can make very thin pieces with it
  • The texture and softness is fabulous which makes it easier to mold sculpt and carve more effectively.
  • No baking required
  • Can make it in a variety of colors that isn’t always offered with polymer clay
  • you can make it yourself therefore you can save lots of money
  • it’s non toxic so you don’t have to worry about fumes releasing while baking.
  • if your piece dries and happen to have a crack or flaw you can easily correct it where as with polymer clay, once it’s baked, that’s it!
  • conditioning cold porcelain clay with your hands is less difficult than polymer clay
  • you can make beads, jewelry, just about anything with cold porcelain clay.
If you would rather try cp clay than make it yourself you can buy some at my store for a reasonable price. visit stacielaurell.etsy.com
here are a few pieces i made with cold porcelain clay

2 thoughts on “Polymer Clay vs Cold Porcelain Clay

  1. I think I will try this, thanks for the info

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