Cold porcelain clay vs Fondant figurines

Many clay artist and bakers make cake topping figurines for cakes and parties but many of you may have noticed that sometimes these figurines  are sometimes made with fondant and sometimes cold porcelain clay.  Let’s visit the difference between the two. Fondant is a thick edible paste made of sugar and water and is often flavored or colored. Fondant is used for making candy and decorating cakes & cupcakes.  Cold porcelain clay is not edible but it is food safe and non toxic. Cold porcelain clay is made with natural non toxic ingredients such as corn starch oil and white glue to name a few.  Many artist use this clay for cake toppers. Although fondant is widely used it is made with sugar so it can and will mold and go bad over time.  Most people who order cake toppers don’t really want to eat them but rather keep them as a keepsake. Since cold porcelain clay last longer, many people opt for their cake topper to be made with cold porcelain clay. Your cake topper that is made with cold porcelain clay can be kept and displayed for years in your home.  Here are a few pictures of cake toppers made with cold porcelain clay by various artist.

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(the pics below were not made with our clay)

cold porce 1

cold porce2
cold porce3

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