How to properly dry cold porcelain clay

20140626_090550Cold porcelain clay is a great clay to work with. However lately i’ve been getting questions on how to dry, color and varnish cold porcelain clay. Well, let’s first start with how to dry cold porcelain clay. Cold porcelain dries from the outside in. meaning the first thing to start drying is the outer part of the clay. Then it starts to dry inside. sometimes the outside starts drying way too fast which then leads to cracks in your clay. You want the clay to dry evenly so you can avoid large cracks in your pieces.  Make sure to take note of the type of environment you are in. If it’s too hot and dry the clay will dry at a fast rate and if it’s damn/humid or cold the clay will take a longer time to dry. When drying your clay I recommend covering the clay with a paper towel or foil paper. This will help to take off some of the draft or wind so the clay can dry slowly as oppose to rapid uneven drying.

Another tip for working with cold porcelain clay is to always have some clay conditioning lotion near by. Stacie Laurell Crafts Clay Conditioning Lotion helps replenish moisture lost and slow down the drying process so you can work longer on your clay without it over drying.

Can cold porcelain clay be painted? Yes. it can. Just make sure to use acrylic paint and you should be able to color your clay in any color you desire. I recommend sealing your piece when it’s dried with a waterproof varnish. I hope these few tips were helpful and feel free to visit our store on Ebay by clicking this link Stacie Laurell Crafts Ebay Store

Stacie Laurell Crafts


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