Why Cold Porcelain Artist use cold Porcelain Clay Instead of Polymer Clay

get-attachment (87)Lots of cake topper artist and sculpting artist prefer Cold Porcelain over polymer clay and if you’re wondering why here are a few reasons:

Cold Porcelain clay requires less conditioning and does not take a long time to knead-This is because cold porcelain isn’t as firm and hard as polymer clay. I remember a time when i wanted to make some jewelry beads and decided to use polymer clay. By the time i was done kneading and conditioning the clay my fingers were on fire. Now I know i’m going to catch a lot of grief by the avid polymer clay lovers out there but truth is, cold porcelain clay is easier on the hands than polymer clay.  Some brands of polymer clay is a bit softer than others but even over time all brands of polymer clay gets really hard and stiff sometimes even as hard as a rock.

Cold Porcelain can be made in larger quantities-  

If you figured out the right formula, most artist can make their own cold porcelain clay and in large quantities larger than what polymer clay offers.   holds really great details and if you mess up you can just smooth out the clay and start over again. It can also be made into fine delicate pieces, allowing the artist to make delicate leaves and petals.FotorCreatedgh

Cold Porcelain clay is non toxic- 

Some people (especially) polymer clay lovers will argue that there is no proof that polymer clay is toxic.  Well, have you ever accidentally burned polymer clay? the smell alone may very well knock you out.  It’s strong and pungent and burns both your eyes and throat.  Even so, many still argue that polymer clay is not toxic. Well since cold porcelain clay is made with natural ingredients (typically) many cake topping artist prefer to use cold porcelain clay because their artwork comes in contact with food mostly.

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Cold Porcelain holds very fine details- Cp clay


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