How to Soften Polymer Clay

I used to use polymer clay and I used it for everything.  Till the day I stumbled upon Cold Porcelain Clay instead.  I was fascinated by the history of porcelain clay and where it originated from. This clay is very popular over seas. It is not widely sold in the U.S so in order to get some you would have to find a seller online or learn to make it yourself. Well i decided to learn to make it myself and when i found my own secret formula I started to sell it. However there are times when i have tried to reintroduce polymer clay back into my life but was met with failure and here’s why. Polymer clay is HARD. It’s very stiff and you would have to knead the clay in your hands before using it. I have tried looking up every way to soften polymer clay and found some not so successful suggestions. I’ve read you should microwave the clay for 30 secs .. well that didn’t work.., next was dip clay in boiling water.. that didn’t work very well either and the next one was place in hot oven with the oven off. Needless to say, that didn’t work either. I did however tried Stacie Laurell Crafts Polymer clay and mixed equal parts with polymer clay and it did soften the clay. I even baked the two together and it was fine. So i discovered that Stacie Laurell Crafts Porcelain clay can be mixed with polymer clay and baked.
Although polymer clay is a great clay, i do believe that people who may have nerve damage, arthritis, or people who just don’t want to spend all that energy trying to soften polymer clay that cold porcelain clay is a better choice. It’s soft, pliable, easy to work with and if it gets hard, Stacie Laurell Crafts Clay conditioning lotion gets the clay right back to it’s original state. But for those who love polymer clay please note that there is always room for an alternative in your heart 🙂
Give Stacie Laurell Crafts Cold Porcelain a try! we now offer sample packets

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