The Difference Between Cold Porcelain And Other Air Dry Clay

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Many People still don’t know about cold porcelain clay. It’s a clay that originally came from Argentina.  It is very popular over there and sometimes can be expensive.  The only way to get cold porcelain clay is to have it imported from Argentina, but it on the internet or make it yourself. Although the ingredients are easy to find and the process sounds easy. It really isn’t that easy to make yourself and you may end up wasting money trying to get the formula correct. If you are determined to make it yourself though just remember practice makes perfect. There are lots of different versions of the recipe online and  you can try them all to see which one is best for you and your needs.
There are quite a few different types of air drying clay on the market in stores and a few good recipes online. However there is a difference between cold porcelain and other air drying clay. Most air dry clay are porous making the texture a bit rough where as cold porcelain clay has a smooth finish when dried. In fact that is how they got the name cold porcelain because it looks like porcelain when dried.

Another distinctive different between cold porcelain and other air dry clay is the hardness and durability when dried.  Cold Porcelain gets very hard when dried. So hard it’s as if it was fired in a kiln. This is why many people use this clay for things like ceramic repairs, sculpting and modeling, cake toppers, Jewelry & Jewelry beads and more!. Cold porcelain can also be made into thin pieces without breaking. This gives many artist the ability to make delicate leaves and petals for artificial floral arrangements.
Cold Porcelain clay can be used for play as well as professional use and the greatest part of cold porcelain is that it’s non toxic. No ingredients that you cannot pronounced are added. But again remember that there are many different versions of the recipe online so be aware of some of the recipes that people put dangerous chemicals in.  Typically the recipe calls for no harsh toxic chemicals. Stacie Laurell Crafts Clay are made with all natural and non toxic ingredients.  If you haven’t tried cold porcelain clay yet you are truly missing out! 
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