Stacie Laurell Crafts Clay Kits

Have you ever tried Stacie Laurell Crafts Clay? It quite nice and I urge you to try it if you haven’t already. Introducing our newest item the 14 pcs clay set. This clay set comes with gorgeous colors such as sun-kissed yellow, fire red, electric blue, translucent pink, white and more! You can keep your clay in this case and use when ready. Great size for travel and also makes  a great birthday gift, Christmas gift and special event!. This clay is an air drying clay so they clay may start to dry out over time. This is why it is recommended that you wrap the case in a plastic wrap just like the one it arrives in. The small compact sizes hold 25-26 grams and the two larger ones in the middle holds 2 ounces each. This gift would be great for those who love to make charms and great for children as well as adults. This is also a great kit to make jewelry beads and pendants with. You can use this great travel kit over and over again. All of the compartments snaps shut. If you do run into some hardening issues with the clay over time you can purchase Stacie Laurell Clay Conditioning Lotion. This lotion restores the clay to it’s original state leaving it smooth pliable and smelling great!

Visit Stacie Laurell Crafts to buy yours today!

Stacie Laurell Craftsstacie laurell crafts clay


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