Charms made with Cold Porcelain Polymer Clay


I’ve taken a look around youtube and have seen many young adults showing their collection of charms they made with cold porcelain clay. Although there are still many people who are not familiar with cold porcelain clay, many are starting to prefer it over oven baked polymer clay.  It may be because cold porcelain clay air dries where as polymer clay has to be baked.  you will have to wait for your charms to dry when using cold porcelain but the wait time really isn’t that long depending on the size of the piece.  There is a small issue of shrinkage with cold porcelain clay but if you make your craft piece slightly bigger than what you desire it should come out the size you prefer.

If you make your own cold porcelain clay, there is a recipe on the internet that does not require cooking and that formula does not shrink.

One of the reasons some prefer cold porcelain over polymer clay is because you are able to imitate most materials such as glass, plastic, ceramic and more! Also when first dried the clay has a nice smooth porcelain finish. You can paint your charms when they are dried. It can also be sanded and varnished. Make sure your clay is completely dried before adding paint or varnish because if it is not fully dried you can get air bubbles in your paint or gloss.

Handmade beads can also be made with this great clay. As stated before this clay can imitate glass so you can make some gorgeous faux glass beads for jewelry making. IF you are unsure which clay to use I would suggest to try them both so you can do the comparison yourself!

Happy Crafting!

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