Arts & Crafts & creativity in school age children

Do you have an creative child with a wild imagination? do your children have a  strong love for arts n crafts?  Some people overlook those who are creative or lovers of arts n crafts but it is important to know what benefits arts n crafts can provide for small children. This article will explain to you the types of skills that can be developed with arts n crafts, and help you further understand the concept of creativity. If  you have a creative child, make sure to encourage them so they can develop their skills and do what they love!   

Creativity is one of those words that is bursting with VITALITY. It’s full of life, full of passion, and full of spirit. Creativity has positive associations for nearly EVERYONE.

Do YOU make a habit of CREATIVITY? Do you ever think or say, “On our playground, creativity is a priority?” If creativity is one of your priorities, here are Seven Good Things for You to Know about the value of arts and crafts in child development.

Seven Good Things for You to Know . . . about How the Arts Help Children Grow

1.       Know the difference between arts and crafts

2.       Separate art as process from art as product (read more)


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