Have you ever experienced discouragement in your business or a slow down in sales? Did you feel discouraged or felt like giving up? Well here are a few tips to help you through those slow times and to keep you going!

Promote: When sales are slow it’s the best time to promote promote promote! research the best and free methods to advertise and promote your business.

Read inspirational books and articles

Anytime i feel discouraged i go on the entrepreneur website and read an article. I also purchase lots of books on my nook! It helps to read about others who are trying just like you.

Seek out success stories

When you read about other ppl’s  achievements and the struggles they themselves went through it is a great motivator. It tells you that they were where you are now and still made it and if they can so can you.

Get out there and sell your business

The best form of advertising till this day is word of mouth. Learn to network! get out there are get around other people in the same business as you are and spread the word about your business or product.

Get business cards and pass them out

Sometimes business gets slow because some people don’t know you exist. get out there and hand out business cards to random people to help spread the word. Remember to research your target market first so you know where to go to hand out cards and attract new customers.

Join groups and forums online that is related to your niche

participate in groups and forums to set an online presence. Talk about what others are talking about and get involved. you don’t have to talk about your business or items just talk about whatever they are talking about. You will gain a following when you put yourself out there and just be you.

Try some of these tips when things are slow and you are discouraged to keep you pushing moving and growing! 


Stacie Laurell




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