IF Social Media Doesn’t Bring You Sales You’re Probably Doing It Wrong!

IF you social Media Doesn’t bring in sales you’re probably doing it wrong!

I LOVE the show Shark Tank! i watch it every time and sometimes I watch it again on demand just to see if i missed any
great marketing tips. I’ve noticed that when most of the contestants that has high sales are asked how did you get your name out there
most of them say social media! When i heard that I thought wow! you got thousands of dollars worth of sales through social media??

A few months ago i remember asking my sister who worked in marketing and also works for Pepsi “how do i market my business”
and all she said was social media. Well i thought that response was too vague and so simple. I said come on what else
should I do”? and she said again Social Media! Well after watching so many people say the same thing on shark tank i thought
maybe she was right all along. But if you ask people on forums or blogs “do they promote on social media? most of them
say well i promote on facebook and twitter and it doesn’t work for me. I’m starting to think that they are doing it wrong just
like i was doing it wrong a few months ago. So what are some people doing wrong when it comes to promoting on Social media?

Here are a few tips!

First make sure you have your own business page and do not use your personal page as your promotion page

Some people think it’s not necessary to have a business page but it is. If you want people to take you seriously then you
must look professional. Have a business page for your products. You can even link it to your personal page if you’d like to.

Second Don’t post endless listings of your items! no that is not marketing! what do you mean that’s not marketing you say?
well yeah it’s not. I once saw a lady on twitter post at least 20 to 30 links to her listings every hr on the hr. so much
so that he clogged my feed and all i saw was her listings all over my twitter. I had to delete her immediately and i
didn’t even look at any of what she had to sell because she was just annoying. She clearly had NO IDEA howto market her
business effectively and if i deleted her i’m sure so many others did the same.

If you want to promote your business you can post your listings every once in a while but also post interesting things like
articles and interesting news related to your business. You can also help promote others. like people or businesses that
are related to yours. Join groups! that’s how you properly market your business. And instead of just posting a link to your
store listing how bout you right interesting facts about your products! things that will interest others. you will notice
more people following you and liking your page. If you are unsure how to run a successful social media page look at other established
businesses to see how they organize their page and what kinds of things they post!

and thirdly, be consistent! do this everyday or every other day. don’t just post one week and then come back weeks later.
Keep your pages active so that the search engines will keep up on them!
Following these simple steps for social media promoting will help a great deal! Also don’t expect overnight success!
but if you keep at it you will see sale conversions. I have when i started using social media the right way! 🙂Image

Stacie Laurell Crafts



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