How to use a non flexible Polymer Clay Mold

How to use a non flexible Polymer Clay Mold

Lately flexible silicone molds have been very popular and it seems that all everyone has been using lately are silicone molds. But what about polymer clay molds? Hard molds has been used for years by artisans and artist. In fact many artist still use it and feel that silicone molds are for newbies or new artist who don’t know how to use professional molds. Does it really matter though which mold you use? well, maybe.
Some feel that silicone mold distorts their piece when trying to remove it from the mold because it bends and twists and that’s why they rather use hard molds. But whether you prefer silicone molds or hard professional molds here are a few tips on how to use professional non flexible molds.

Non flexible molds, if made properly usually delivers great detailed results. Here are a few easy tips for using non flexible professional molds.
Always dust your mold with flour or cornstarch so to prevent sticking. You may also use baby oil as a release for your molds.
Make sure to always condition your clay before placing it in the mold so to prevent cracking and for optimal results.
You may want to use more clay than you would so you can have a pinch of clay to help remove the clay from the mold.
using the non flexible mold will give you great results because it won’t bend or distort your piece.
Clean your mold with cornstarch and a brush. It’s easier to remove excess clay left behind that way. you may also use a small bit of water on a brush and then wipe away with a soft cloth. If you are using cold porcelain molds that are not sealed be careful not to use too much water and you may melt away or smear your detailed mold. You really only need a really small amount of water on a brush to clean it.
You may store all of your molds in a bag or bin. Your molds can be used over and over again so long as you care for them and clean them properly.
Those are my tips for using non flexible professional molds! I sure hope this was helpful. If you would like to purchase some molds you can visit my ebay store at or my Etsy store or

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