What You Need To Know About Cold Porcelain Air Dry Clay

Cold Porcelain air dry clay, is a non toxic clay that air dries to a very hard and durable finish. Although made with common household ingredients some may think it’s easy to make but it’s not and if you don’t know what you are doing, you will ruin your clay every time. There are several different recipes online that will give you different results but once you’ve found the one right for you, you will be pleased with Cold Porcelain Clay.  Some people who has never worked with the clay before may expect it to be like store bought polymer clay and because they are not familiar with the clay they may assume that the clay is crap to them. This of course is furthest from the truth but they do not know that because they are unaware of how great this clay is and how the possibilities are endless.  In addition, some people have absolutely no patience and cannot wait for the clay to dry. When they disturb the clay prematurely and it so happens to break or crack they will blame it on the clay and say the clay is cheap and useless. This again is another misconception by those who know nothing about working with cold porcelain clay. 
This type of clay is usually used by artist. True clay artisans knows the value of cold porcelain clay and knows how to use it. But just because you are not a seasoned artist doesn’t mean you cannot learn. In fact, many people prefer cold porcelain air dry clay oven baked sculpey/premo/fimo polymer clay. 

In order to get the best results from your cold porcelain clay you must know a few important details about cold porcelain. Here are some need to know tips for working with cold porcelain clay:

  • This is an air drying clay- Because of this you must be prepared for working with the clay for long periods of time. Keep in mind that it may be drying out slowly while you work with it and for that reason you must:
  • Keep a bowl of water as well as sculpting tools and brushes near by- Lubricating your piece with water while sculpting can help you a great deal. You can join pieces together effortlessly and sculpt your piece creating fine details. You can also condition your clay before you start working with it. You may do this by using Stacie Laurell Clay Conditioning Lotion. Conditioning your clay before hand can help slow down the drying out process buying you more time to sculpt and create. The Clay conditioning lotion also has other great benefits for you and your clay. (Only sold by Stacie Laurell Crafts).
  • Make sure your clay is fully dried before handling- If you are an impatient person perhaps air drying clay isn’t best for you. However it doesn’t take that long for Cold Porcelain air dry clay to dry. When dried it dries to a hard and durable beautiful finish.  If you pick up or handle the clay before it’s dried you could cause cracking and breaking.
  • If you clay does crack a bit it can be easily fixed. All you have to do is add a small piece of clay over the cracked area and have it sanded and varnished down. It always looks good as new and is a clever way to save your project.
  • Turn Off Your Dehumidifier- I had a customer email me once and complain saying that my clay doesn’t dry! I thought to myself what does she mean by “Your Clay Won’t Dry” not to mention she sound really upset over it. I had to ask her a few question that lead to what I had already believed. She was running a humidifier in her home. I told her that humidifier put moisture back into the air, if you’re clay is not drying it’s because the air in your home is moist and that will prevent drying as this is an air drying clay. She said she will turn it off and shee what happens and I haven’t heard from her since. I’m assuming she must have been a bit embarrassed.  Nevertheless, make sure your home is suitable for drying air dry clay.
That’s all the tips I have for you today. Please make sure to check back for important new facts about cold porcelain clay and visit our store at  http://stores.ebay.com/Stacie-Laurell-Crafts.  

Thank you 
Stacie Laurell Crafts 


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