How to make a pinch pot for small potted plants with cold porcelain clay

How To Make A Pot For Small Potted Plants With Cold Porcelain

Making your own pinch pot for plants flower and pottery needs can be fun. You can make your own unique bowls and pots to fit your style. You can even make this special pot waterproof! 

Here is what you’ll need: 
Stacie Laurell Stone Porcelain Air Dry Clay 
Sculpting tools (optional) 
Paint (optional) 
Flex Seal spray 
Waterproof sealer/varnish 

Use the amount of clay needed for the size you would like and start kneading it with your hands.  Make sure it’s nice and pliable. Next, Form your clay into a nice round ball. Make it as perfectly round as you can make it. Next take your thumb and start pushing a hole in the center of your round clay ball.  When you have pushed down half way, start rotating the ball in your hand and start pinching your clay as you rotated it around and around in the palm of your hand. The more you pinch the bigger your bowl should get. Once the bowl has reached your desired size, you can leave it as is or try to shape the bowl in to any unique shape you would like.  When done shaping, let the bowl sit on a dry hard surface to dry. Depending on the size of your bowl it may take anywhere from a few hrs to 2 to 3 days to full dry. Once your clay pot has fully dried, you can paint it or brush on waterproof varnish. You can find waterproof varnish at any arts and crafts store. Any varnish that is water based is usually waterproof.  Next to make your pot extremely water proof you can add a strong sealer called flex seal. Flex seal will seal anything with a durable and hard waterproof seal. This sealant is usually black so it’s best to spray the inside of the pot as well as the bottom. When dried your pot is ready to go and ready to use! you can paint it and decorate it however you would like! 

Hope this was helpful and visit our store for Stone Porcelain or any one of our clay products and accessories! 

Stacie Laurell Crafts 



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