How to Color Cold porcelain Air Dry Clay


Working with cold porcelain clay can be a lot of fun! Whether it’s a project with your kids or creating beautiful art for your hobby or craft business, working with cold porcelain has endless possibilities.  Many people have asked the questions ” can I color my cold porcelain air dry clay? and the answer is yes of course!  Here are some great tips and techniques for coloring cold porcelain clay! 
  • Acrylic Paints–  Acrylic paints are great for coloring cold porcelain clay. This clay can be painted when dried and holds the colors really well. Because this is not a porous clay, acrylic paints works great with cold porcelain. Paint can be applied with paint brushes or art sponges.
  • Powder acrylic paints– Powder acrylic paints are great for coloring cold porcelain. One of the advantages of using powered acrylics as oppose to liquid acrylics is that you can increase or decrease the intensity of the color by adding more or less water. You can manipulate the colors more with powder acrylics. Also, because you have to add water to mix the paint, you can make the paint into a paste and create different cool textures on your finished clay pieces.
  • Permanent Markers– Some people have used this technique to color their cold porcelain clay but you would have to rub a large amount of the marker onto the clay (before it has dried) in order to intensify the color. This technique works well with young kids if you don’t want them to get too messy with acrylic paints. Be sure to use washable markers for children as they work well too and are as stated , washable 🙂 I would recommend using markers for children but not for professional use.
  • Liquid food coloring– Food coloring is another way you can color cold porcelain clay. This method however can get quite messy and again you would have to use a large amount to intensify the color of your clay. This method is good for tinting your clay rather than really coloring it.
  • Alcohol inks-  Alcohol inks are great because you can use your imagination and create interesting color patterns to your clay. You can use it before the clay has dried and after. Alcohol inks are great for tinting your clay for pastel colors or for translucent colors. All you need to do is drop a few drops or more onto your clay and then working the color in with your hands. Alcohol inks will not give you rich colors when used but it tints your clay really well.
  • Fabric dyes–  I just love fabric dyes. They have rich intense color! You can add fabric dyes before and after the clay has been dried. If you choose to use the dye after the clay has been dried, you can apply it with a brush and the dye will stain the clay. This can get messy if not done properly so wear gloves and spread some newspaper down or an old blanket to help minimize the “clean up”. Fabric dyes come in a variety of colors and also comes in powder form as well as liquid.
  • Clay-  With Stacie Laurell Cold Porcelain Clay, you can color your clay with clay! that’s right, our clay can be mixed with other clay colors we carry in order to color your clay. Our colors blend beautifully allowing you to create your own unique colors and shades! To intensify color, use more colored clay. You can create hundreds of colors just by mixing different color clay together. 

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