5 Useful Things You Can Make With Cold Porcelain Clay

There are so many useful things that can be made with cold porcelain clay. You can make anything from household items to art projects with your kids but here are a few ideas for using cold porcelain at home.

  1. Jewelry– Cold Porcelain clay is great for making jewelry. You can make gorgeous one of a kind earrings to necklaces even rings. Bangles are in this season. You can make your own bangles with cold porcelain. Here’s a easy tutorial.  Take one or two different colors of clay and slightly mix them together. Roll it into a ball and then roll it out into a snake about 9 inches long. Form into a semi circle or you can make it connect or over lap. Leave on a dry surface to dry. Once dried you can paint it, add swaroski crystals or sand it. Then varnish it and you have a nice bangle.
  2. Kitchen Cabinet Knobs– What? Kitchen Cabinet Knobs? Yup that’s right!. If you want to upgrade your kitchen you can get really creative and make your own cabinet knobs. You can make color patterns with your clay and place it over your existing knobs or you can form the knob yourself and add it to your cabinet. It can be painted, sanded and varnished.This is also great for cabinets that aren’t functional and are just for show. If you have no idea how to make knobs no worries. You can Youtube it to get great video tutorials. This is not only fun but you will save money with do it yourself projects.
  3. Christmas Tree Ornaments– Oh my Gosh! it is so much fun to make memories by making Christmas tree ornaments with your kids. Make sure to have your cold porcelain clay in many different colors or the two colors you would like. You can make great ornaments with polymer clay molds, silicone molds or by scratch. You can make miniature Christmas trees, snow mans, Santa’s angels and more! Also if you want to make round hanging Christmas ornaments you can start off by forming a ball out of foil paper. Once you’ve formed a nice round ( as round as you can make it) ball you can then add the cold porcelain clay over it, let dry and then paint. it’s easy fun and makes for great decorations.
  4. Fixed chipped or cracked porcelain or figurines– If you have a cracked porcelain or ceramic cup plate you can fix it by using cold porcelain clay. Hopefully these are collectables and you are not using these cups and plates for eating and drinking. However if you are there are precautions you must take in order to do so. But right now we will talk about how to fix collectables or China that is for display only. You can take a piece of clay depending on the amount you need and use it to fix a crack or chip. First make sure to clean the area that you plan to fix with soap and water and make sure it is dried throughly. Remove all dirt and debre for maximum results. Next, take the piece of clay you plan on using and patch the hole or crack. Leave it alone to let dry. This is not for the impatient so make sure you leave it alone to dry thoroughly and properly. You make have to add more layers of clay but use your own judgement. After it is completely dried you can sand and varnish the newly patched piece. Next add a gloss varnish. You can add one that is waterproof if you’d like. It may also be a good idea to use one that is specifically for ceramic use. Once you let it dry it should be good as new.
  5. Make miniature bowls, pen holders & paperweights– A few years ago i made several small bowls that i now use on my desk to store my arts n crafts needs. I once read that you cannot make bowls with cold porcelain clay and they were wrong. I suppose what they meant was you shouldn’t make bowls that will be used to hold water because cold porcelain clay melts. Again that isn’t entirely true. In fact if you want to make cold porcelain bowls and cups that you would like to use there are precautions that you must take but i think it can be done but for now we’re talking about making bowls for functional use.  I’ve made some very sturdy and durable and functional bowls and cups. To make a functional bowl first start off with firm cold porcelain clay. (please note: Stacie Laurell is the only clay that can be manipulated to be either firm or soft because of our specially formulated formula 🙂 Next, roll your clay (a good size) into a ball. stick your thumb in the center of the ball. start rotating the ball in your hand while trying to even out the walls of the ball. This is the starting process of making a pinch pot.  Pinch pots are fairly easy to make. If you don’t know how to make a pinch pot and need more of a visual guidance you can youtube how to make a pinch pot. My bowls does a great job in holding my art supplies and storing such things as beads, clips, charms and more!.

Thank you for taking the time to read my guide and i sure hope it was helpful in teaching you more about cold porcelain clay!   http://stores.ebay.com/Stacie-Laurell-Crafts

Stacielaurellcrafts.com   http://stores.ebay.com/stacielaurellcrafts/


3 thoughts on “5 Useful Things You Can Make With Cold Porcelain Clay

  1. Hi, Thanks for your craft ideas.

    I would like to know if this clay will do what I want beforehand. I want to make buttons for clothes that are to be worn and washed normally.

    What exact waterproof varnish can be used on this cold porcelain clay? Nail polish? acrylic paint varnish? What have you tried? What has worked best? What should be avoided?

    Can you machine wash clothes with buttons made from cold porcelain clay? Have you tried it?

    Thanks for your advice.

    • Hi Alice,
      I have had customers use cold porcelain clay for making buttons but i have not tried it myself. I believe they use waterproof varnish on their finished pieces. The best varnish to use are the ones that are water based therefore making it waterproof. Americana has a good brand that sell several varnishes and gloss. I’ve also heard of people using future floor polish although i believe the name may have changed but if you google it you can find it. Apparently it has a strong waterproof varnish. Hope this was helpful
      Thank you
      Stacie Laurell Crafts

      • Thanks for taking the time to get back with me so quickly, Stacie.

        I think I’ll wait on the button project till I can get an answer from someone with direct experience with running things through the wash. It would stink to make buttons and not be able to wash the clothes.

        “Varnish” is a confusing word to me.

        I’ve made my own (damar) varnish for my oil paintings by dissolving tree resin in turpentine. This is entirely waterproof on an oil painting but not water-based. I have no idea if this real varnish would stick to or be compatible with this type of cornstarch/white glue clay. I have the same compatibility question about using nail polish.

        Many products used to give a shiny coating to crafts contain no real “varnish” but are called “varnish” (like the “varnish” used on an acrylic painting). I haven’t found any product that claims to be waterproof. I’ve even had “waterproof” wood glue melt back to goo in the rain.

        I shall continue to my quest for information. Someone is bound to have tried this already and either failed or succeeded. No sense in re-inventing the wheel… or button in this case. 🙂

        All the best.

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