Gloss Glaze for Cold Porcelain Air Dry Clay

I’ve gotten a few questions about the best gloss/ glaze for cold porcelain clay. After trying a few there is one that I find works great with cold porcelain clay.  Americana makes a gloss glaze named Triple Thick Brilliant Brush-On Gloss/Glass. 
Triple Thick is a gloss/glaze that leaves a high gloss finish in just one coat on hard crafted surfaces. The directions state ” do not overwork” and for good reason. 
This gloss is a very thick gloss. It must be carefully applied for maximum results. 
To apply: First make sure your piece is completely dry. ( If it is not dry, the glaze will start to get cloudy while the moisture is still trying to escape the clay). 
Use an acrylic brush when applying to your hard crafted surface. If you desire more than one coat, you must first apply a thin layer of the first coat and then make sure it is fully dried before apply a second coat.  If you apply a coating that is too thick your glaze will start to look cloudy and you would have ruined your piece. If used properly this gloss gives such a brilliant shine that you can manipulate your piece or crafted item to look like glass.  If you do not use thin coats in between layers and make them dry thoroughly your crafted item will be very sticky. Make sure you leave your piece to dry  on a clean dry surface. Make sure all dust and debris has been dusted or removed so that you won’t have any dust or residue on your glazed item. You can use this gloss on plastic and paper crafts as well. This gloss/glaze works great on beads, handmade pendants particularly made with clay, wood or paper. Great for jewelry making projects and other crafts. This is not a waterproof varnish. If you need water proofing and would like to varnish your piece, you can do so by applying the waterproof varnish first, letting it dry and then adding the gloss on top.  

You can also do 3 layers. First coat can be varnish second coat can be varnish or gloss and then last coat can be varnish. If you use varnish as the last coat, you should buy gloss varnish so that it doesn’t interfere with the high gloss of the triple thick gloss. I sure hope this was a helpful tip for your crafting needs! Remember to visit my store & for all your crafting needs 🙂 

Happy Crafting 
Stacie Laurell 


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