Is Polymer Clay Safe and Non Toxic ?

People have always wondered is polymer clay safe and non toxic. Some argue that polymer clay is safe but few will endorse that it is “non toxic”. What is Polymer clay made of? simply put, Polymer clay is made with a mixture of plastics that’s formed in to a clay that can be baked. However there has been some concern about the fumes released while the clay is being baked. Have you ever accidentally burned polymer clay in your toaster oven? I have and it smells horrible. My eyes and throat burned for hours and the smell was intolerable. So what does that mean? well, when burned, polymer clay releases  fumes called hydrochloride gas . The gas is known to irritate mucous membrane which causes burning eyes and throat just like i experienced.  Other than that people still swear that polymer clay is safe and that the gas release has no long term effects.  

Although many people claim polymer clay is safe they cannot claim it is non toxic because it is made with certain chemicals. It is probably best for people with asthma to stay clear of polymer clay or at least avoid burning it in the oven. 

Cold Porcelain Clay

For many, cold porcelain clay is becoming the more popular choice. It is just like polymer clay in some ways but much better with added benefits.  Cold Porcelain air dries, so you don’t have to put it in oven or worry about burning your clay. Also this is a non toxic clay made with natural ingredients.  One of the greatest benefits over polymer clay is that cold porcelain can be stretched into thin pieces and will not break where as polymer clay will break if you try to create thin fragile pieces such as petals.  Weither it’s polymer clay you like or cold porcelain, both clay can produce gorgeous creations, but for many the new trend is Cold Porcelain Clay.  


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