Running your own business on Etsy


Trying to start and run your own at home business can be stressful!! and so very hard. who would of thought that opening a shop on etsy and throwing up a few items would get you almost nowhere unless you dedicated day and night to your business. IF you don’t know anything about promoting seo or advertising you’re basicly screwed. and don”t you just wish the super successful shops on etsy would tell you the secret to success? I know once i reach that level of success i will gladly share it with others. Untill then, I have to keep praying, listing and advertising best i can but discouragement is easy to set in after waiting weeks for a sale. Not making daily sales to many is no big deal but if you have no job and trying to make your online store a fulltime career it can get pretty depressing and discouraging in the world of Etsy.

However, although i’m not one of the very successful shops yet i plan on getting there someday somehow and hopefully very soon and if you’re in the same boat as me i encourage you to get up early every morning as if you’re going to work and work on your shop. at the end of the day all of those successful shops have one thing in common. They have people running it who put in HARD WORK and never gave up.

Quitters never win and winners never quit 🙂

Congrats to all on your upcoming success.


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