Hand Crafted beads

Hand Crafted Beads

Beads comes in a variety of colors and shapes and sizes. Usually massed produced and sold by wholesalers, you’re not likely to find a one of a kind bead for your project unless it’s handmade.

Etsy is a place where people like myself sell handmade items. but although they claim to sell handmade items and commercial supplies it seems that mass-produced shops for overseas are dominating Etsy and pretty much running handmade crafters out of business. With low sales and minimal shop views these handmade crafters are scraping or even “begging” for a sale. Seems unfair right? Well, the beads I’ve made that you see here are handmade by polymer clay. they were carefully mixed cured and glossed. Many people have stated that my beads are beautiful and I’m trying to promote my creations as much as I can. I also try to promote other handmade artist on Etsy! I will be posting about some of their items soon.  if you like these beads you can find more like it at stacielaurell.etsy.com 🙂


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