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Office Supply DIYs

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May usually marks the end of the semester at universities, which means many people are entering the workforce or even starting a cool summer internship! If you want to jazz up your desk, check out these cool DIYs that will take your office supplies to the next level!

IMG_8211 copyPlanning doesn’t need to be plain! This paint chip calendar from Me and My DIY is a fantastic way to introduce color into your daily routine.

pencils7Camille Styles created these fun printed pencils that will ensure your pencils will never go missing.

office4Camille Styles did it again with these fun embroidered office supplies!

mainimageModcloth doesn’t only office adorable office attire, they also created a bunch of cute office DIYs that are sure to make you the envy of all of your coworkers!

07 Binder ClipsWashi tape is a pretty amazing DIY supply. It can transform almost anything with a couple of strips!

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Victorian Salt Clay

ImageI have been considering selling Victorian Salt clay in my store. I’m not sure how popular this type of clay is and if anyone would buy it but it is easy to make. Ingredients are salt and flour. Of course I add other secret ingredients to make ours extra special :)  I love the way the clay looks when it’s finished. It looks just like stone. It does take longer to dry than our air dry cold porcelain clay but the great thing about Victorian Salt Clay is that it can be baked in the oven. It will typically take longer to bake than traditional polymer clay but you can bake it for at least up to 2 hrs on low moderate heat. It’s completely non toxic and when dried as hard as a rocki! very durable and lasts for a very long time. I would assume you would have to seal this clay with a sealant which shouldn’t be hard to do. However i’m not sure if it can hold water if you used the clay to make a bowl. I think I will definitely do some experiments with it before offering it for sale in my store. Would you buy Victorian Salt Clay or make it yourself? 


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Are you that kind of person that really hates working for other people? it’s an uncomfortable feeling for you and you just can’t wait to leave? Well you may have an entrepreneur bug! You may want to consider starting and running your own business. I have always hated working for other people. It made me extremely unhappy. One thing i hated in particular was when I was a nanny and the mother was home from work they would keep me around anyways, i guess so i can use up all the time they paid me for. In fact i’ve been in situations where the whole family was home, even grandma and they still kept me around. It was very frustrating and irritating. I felt kind of like a paid slave. I had to sit around and stare with nothing to do because well, everyone’s home so what is there for me to do? I always said that if I ended up with a nanny that i would never do that to her. 

I hate selling my time. I hate feeling bought. There is no joy for me in working for others. The only joy i get is spending time with cute children other than that it is not for me. But we all have bills and sometimes have no choice but to work. What should you do then? work! i guess, but still pursue your business on the side. I know some of you wish you could quit now. You don’t want to wait 5 years for your business to pick up in order to pay the bills. I totally understand. I suppose you will have to keep thinking about the ultimate goal and the time when you can say ” I quit” but until that day comes try reading lots of books on your business area. Keep yourself motivated. Read entrepreneur magazines! visit websites, facebook pages and blogs regarding your business. Keeping yourself motivated will help you through your “God i hate my job” moments :) If you never give up it will come. It can be so hard to keep going when you don’t see the fruits of your labor but you have to keep pushing. There’s always a light at the end of the tunnel!


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Have you ever felt pressured to rise early before the sun? I know I have but i’ve never been a morning person. In fact when I’ve held several night shift positions at a job i couldn’t be happier. I LOVE working nights! and i never fell asleep on the job. I was just always a night owl. I even hated the night while growing up. I hated that everyone went to sleep and that it was dark and quiet for hrs. I’m not sure why i’m such a night owl but i do love to stay up at night. However, staying up late at night means not being able to get up early in the morning. I HATE early mornings and have been forcing myself lately to be more of a morning person. Lori Greiner from shark tank said in her book that she is up by 4:30 5;00 am. I’ve been trying to get up early like her because many believe that only people who are morning early birds “catches the worm” and are more successful. Here is an article that may help you think of the night owl a little differently. Maybe you don’t have to change your night time ways after all :)


Have you ever experienced discouragement in your business or a slow down in sales? Did you feel discouraged or felt like giving up? Well here are a few tips to help you through those slow times and to keep you going!

Promote: When sales are slow it’s the best time to promote promote promote! research the best and free methods to advertise and promote your business.

Read inspirational books and articles

Anytime i feel discouraged i go on the entrepreneur website and read an article. I also purchase lots of books on my nook! It helps to read about others who are trying just like you.

Seek out success stories

When you read about other ppl’s  achievements and the struggles they themselves went through it is a great motivator. It tells you that they were where you are now and still made it and if they can so can you.

Get out there and sell your business

The best form of advertising till this day is word of mouth. Learn to network! get out there are get around other people in the same business as you are and spread the word about your business or product.

Get business cards and pass them out

Sometimes business gets slow because some people don’t know you exist. get out there and hand out business cards to random people to help spread the word. Remember to research your target market first so you know where to go to hand out cards and attract new customers.

Join groups and forums online that is related to your niche

participate in groups and forums to set an online presence. Talk about what others are talking about and get involved. you don’t have to talk about your business or items just talk about whatever they are talking about. You will gain a following when you put yourself out there and just be you.

Try some of these tips when things are slow and you are discouraged to keep you pushing moving and growing! 


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